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Church Builders of Gaffney  

As a pastor it is my goal to seek and save the lost by showing them the love of Christ. Which is why our ministry goes into the darkest places of the city. We stand before gang members, addicts, thieves and murderers and proclaim the love of Jesus. I've seen rival gang members end the rivalry, I've seen addicts set free and I've seen people planning to kill, forgive. Our goal is to end addiction in Cherokee county SC. We recently transitioned from operating a men's shelter to now a women's rehabilitation facility. We have partnered with the Cherokee County department of corrections and probation. We have an 8,500 sq ft building that will serve as an avenue to direct the lost to Jesus Christ. We are located at 3005 old Georgia hwy Gaffney SC. Our hope is to get community involvement through volunteer work and monetary contributions. Together we can make a difference and change lives. We can reunite broken families, break the bondage of addiction and rescue our city from abuse. Make it your goal to help us save someone's life today! God bless through Jesus Christ.
‚Äč                                                    ~Michael Mcleymore