Church Builders of Gaffney  

                                                                                                 PHASE INTRODUCTION

Thank you for taking this step in a new direction. We understand that stepping out in faith and into change can be scary, which is why we are here to make this as easy and as comfortable as possible. During your time in the women’s shelter you will pass through 3 phases. Phase 1 will last for a duration of no more and no less than 2 months. During your first phase you will spend your time in bible studies, prayer, meditation and counsel. This is the most important phase! Use this time to find yourself again, to realize your worth and to draw close to Jesus Christ

Phase 1 Guidelines
NO leaving the premises without leadership
NO cell phone during this phase
You MUST attend ALL bible studies, prayer meetings and church activities
You MUST visit the counselor / transitional coach once a week

 After you have completed your first phase you will graduate into the second phase. Phase 2 is where you will set goals for your life. Understand the shelter is only a 6-month program. Therefore, you must use this time begin to get your affairs in order. Phase 2 last for a duration of no more and no less than 1 month. During your second phase you will use this time to get your birth certificate, ID card, Social Security card and any other information that will only bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Phase 2 Guidelines
You may leave with a family member or a trusted friend approved by leadership, to get your affairs in order and obtain your SS card, ID card, B.C. etc
You MUST bring back documentation of all the places you went
You MUST return to the shelter no later than 5:30pm
If you do not Have a Diploma or GED you MUST enroll in the Adult ED program

After you have completed your second phase you will graduate into the third phase. Phase 3 last for a duration of no more and no less than 3 months. Phase 3 is where you will begin to seek employment and achieve the goals set from phase 2.

Phase 3 Guidelines
You MUST fill out at least 5 job applications a week
You MUST return to the shelter by 10:00 pm
There will be NO 3rd shift work
Upon getting employment you will begin to pay $25.00 a week to the Church Builders women’s program


                                                                                Church Builder Rules
DO NOT give out our address for your personal safety

NO cell phone during phase 1 (House phone permitted during specified times – must get permission)

You MUST visit the transitional coach 1 time a week

Discussing other clients with people outside the Shelter is not permitted. Every client is entitled to confidentiality, and talking about another client may be dangerous for her.

All clothing and personal belongings must be washed and cleaned prior to moving in.  This is to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Due to the limits of storage space, you are limited to the size of your wardrobe.

You MUST follow the daily schedule

6:00 wake up call, You MUST get out of bed

You are responsible for getting yourself up each morning.

No personal Vehicles are permitted - NO exceptions

It is your responsibility to have transportation to and from all appointments, interviews, and personal matters outside the Home.

No weapons of any kind are permitted on the property

No stealing, stealing will result in expulsion

No secular music. Earphones are permitted, NO cussing or vulgar music allowed

NO drugs or alcohol, Drug test are random and can be given upon any suspicion of any illegal drug use or activity.

If you are dismissed from the shelter for any reason you cannot reapply for 30 days

Drug test WILL be supervised and observed by leadership. If you refuse to provide a urine sample, test positive or caught with alcohol or drugs, you will be expelled immediately.

No inappropriate dressing, Halter tops, short shorts / skirts etc. You must be appropriate for mission / program living.

No smoking except in designated smoking area

No prescription medications.

All over-the-counter medication will be dispensed in the medication room by leadership.

You MUST have water and ingest medication in front of person dispensing meds 

You MUST sign for all medications.

NO fighting or profanity,

Respect all leadership as well as other residents in the house.

NO threats, Negative attitude or verbal altercations will be tolerated.

Any physical altercation WILL result in immediate expulsion. This is God’s house -You will respect the Lord’s House

NO gossiping or slander

Curfew: Phase 1 – No leaving premises without leadership

Curfew: Phase 2 and 3 – You may only leave with permission – You MUST return to the house by 5:30pm Unless you are working

Leaving the premises without permission could result in expulsion.

Male Visitors:  Only male visitors of the resident’s immediate family are allowed with prior coordination, with the House Director.  All visits are restricted to the Living Room only.

All Doors are locked and lights are out at 10:30 pm

NO cooking

NO damage to property – not even a nail in the wall

NO leaving the church sanctuary while church or bible study is in session

NO cell phones permitted during church

NO sleeping during church functions activities or studies

You MUST attend all church functions activities, events and studies

All visitation MUST be approved by leadership the day before visitation is to take place.

Your personal living space can be searched by leadership at anytime

You WILL be given an assigned daily house chore at the beginning of every week.

You MUST clean your weekly assigned chore daily this chore does not include your living space.

NO leaving the house until your weekly assigned house chore has been completed,

You MUST have your assigned chore signed off upon completion by leadership.

You are responsible for your personal laundry.

Upon moving out of the women’s program you are expected to take All of your belongings with you.

Church Builders will NOT be responsible for any personal belongings after you leave.